If you decide to market your aircraft through Loutzavia, we will offer you the following services:

  • We have an extensive database of potential buyers who have shown interest in buying an aircraft. We will send your aircraft information to them.
  • We will assist you, the seller, to set a realistic market price for your aircraft by accurately evaluating it using the Aircraft Blue Book and current market trends.
  • With the assistance of your Aviation Maintenance Organisation we will get a specification sheet and photos of your aircraft and post it on our very popular website
  • Once we have received the signed copy of the authority to market the aircraft we will do our utmost to find the right buyer.
  • We can also market the aircraft by placing it on appropriate notice boards at airports.
  • From time to time we buy advertising space in local and international flying magazines where we place advertisements for some of the aircraft we have for sale.
  • We are planning a service of holding regular aircraft auctions in our hangar facilities at Wonderboom Airport, where the aircraft will be available for inspection.
  • Loutzavia charges a total of 5% sales commission, and VAT on the total selling price of your aircraft.
  • We promise to keep you posted as to the exposure your aircraft receives and to whom the aircraft has been presented. This will be by SMS, email or phone calls.


The differences between our mandate forms are detailed below:

  • A sole mandate means we will have the sole mandate from you, the owner, to market your aircraft. If the aircraft is sold during the mandate’s validity you are required to pay the agreed commission to Loutzavia. Even after the mandate period expires, if your aircraft is sold to a buyer introduced by Loutzavia, the conditions of the mandate still apply.
  • An open mandate it is much the same, however it also allows others to market the aircraft. If Loutzavia introduces a potential buyer and a transaction is effected, the seller pays the commission to Loutzavia. If another party introduces the buyer, the commission goes to them.