Below is a list of facts, questions and answers regarding Flight Training at Loutzavia. (Click on the arrow to reveal the answers)

  • Anything between 90 days (full time) to 7½ months (part time). It depends on your personal needs and Financial budget however we do not recommend a PPL course shorter than 90 days or anything longer than 7½ months.

  • Definitely. In the aviation industry one needs to take every opportunity possible. If you are thinking of making a career in aviation, you need to aim at qualifying as a commercial pilot as early as possible. If you can finish your PPL and night rating whilst still at school, you will be ready to qualify for your commercial pilot’s licence in the first year after you matriculate. This means you could be a commercial pilot and possibly an instructor at the age of 18 or 19. A big advantageYes, in most countries, however the medical examination, Air Law examinations and the PPL flight test needs to be redone in that country, but that would be similar to an overseas pilot wishing to fly in our country.

  • Its possible to complete the course in the planned 45 hours however the secret is to fly regularly and to read up as much as you can about learning to fly prior to commencing with the PPL course, a home based flight simulator program like Microsoft Flight Simulator, when practicing regularly will reduce flight training hours necessary.

  • Not really, as long as you are medically fit to pass the medical Examination, but the statistics do show that younger pilots to tend to complete the course with fewer training hours.

  • No, the doctor that does the medical examinations needs to be approved by the institute of aviation medicine to conduct the examinations and only a South African medical Certificate will be accepted for a Local pilots license.

    You can refer to this link for a list of Doctors:

  • Loutzavia makes use of an approved medical doctor available at Wonderboom airport at least 5 days a week.

    You can refer to this link for a list of Doctors:

  • Yes,

    Class III – For Microlight, Glider and Balloon Pilot’s.

    Class II - For Private Pilots

    Class I - For Commercial and Airline Pilots.

  • A check on the following:

    • Blood Pressure

    • Cardiovascular System

    • Respiratory System

    • Vision ( Colour Vision & Depth Perception)

    • Hearing

    • Heart condition

  • Immediately after making the decision to do your Private Pilots License. The Flying school will book the examination for you.

  • • Class II (Under the age of 40) - 24 Months

    • Class II (Over the age of 40) - 12 Months

    • Class I (Under the age of 40) - 12 Months

    • Class I (Over the age of 40) - 6 Months

  • The school is open 7 days a week however you can fly up to 6 days a week and a maximum of 2 sessions a day

  • At Loutzavia, you will have one instructor that will take you from start to finish to make sure you receive the best possible flight training at all times.

  • Yes, all dual checks are done by the Chief or senior flying instructor, these checks are there to ensure that you are on a high training standard throughout your training course.

  • At least every 10 flying hours, where after you will receive a progress report on performance.

  • At Loutzavia we believe that proper ground training reduces flying training, thus saving you money.

  • Yes, you most probably can. Many pilots flying out there wear either spectacles or Contact Lenses. We suggest that you do the medical examination prior to commencing or committing to any payment.

  • Of course any Airline that will consider giving you a flying position, will do a careful study of your CV and school grades, however it is recommended that Mathematics, Science and Geography be taken at school but these subjects are not compulsory.

  • No one was born with the ability to fly an aeroplane. Learning to fly must be practiced over and over. Hence the 45 hours for the PPL.

  • Yes, Loutzavia has a list of accommodation facilities available around the airport, from basic accommodation to full board and lodging.

  • Our Chief Flying Instructor and Operations Manager– Werner Oosthuizen and Seann Gerber – will have an interview with you on arrival whereby he will assess you and decide on the correct flying instructor to suite your personality.

  • On arrival for your first training lesson your instructor will explain the booking procedures to you. Flight training is available 7 days a week and bookings are made to suite your individual needs.

  • The Chief Flying Instructor will asses your Logbook and work out a tailor made program whereby to continue from.

  • For the Private Pilots License most of the course is focused on the practical aspects, Loutzavia offers a ground school course every Saturday of the month for the different PPL subjects namely:

    1. Principles of Flight

    2. Engines + Airframes

    3. South African Air Law

    4. Meteorology

    5. Navigation

    6. Radio Telephony Course

    7. Flight Planning and Performance

    8. Human Performance

  • No, However if there is a will there is a way. Learning to fly takes a lot of Practice, Willpower and Dedication. It doesn’t happen often that a student can not complete the course.

  • It is not compulsory to wear a uniform at our Flight Training Center however after completion of the PPL when starting to work towards the Commercial Pilots License we recommend that students wear smart black pants with a white Pilot-shirt and Pilot wings